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All passion and authenticity

The butcher Macelleria Garofani was born in the 90s from the acquisition of a century-old business in the village of Piazze - Cetona. The ability and willingness of the owner Massimo, butcher for over 30 years, and the assistance of his sister in law Gabriella, have helped the butchers store to become known beyond the borders of the province and neighboring regions.

Massimo personally takes care of the acquisition and the processing of the raw materials by visiting the farms

in the region (Valley of Chiana and Orcia Valley), who have become his trusted ones, who raise their animals from natural feed, in the majority by their own crops. Here are purchased cattle that are slaughtered in the slaughterhouse of Orvieto or nearby facilities.

These animals are the best breeds bred on the Italian territory, including the high quality Chianina, from which we get the now famous 'Bistecca Fiorentina', a dish of excellence of the Tuscan cuisine.

As proof of this, the store displays, clearly visible to all customers, documentation for traceability of the weekly slaughtered cattle and the staff is available for any clarification.

You can reach our butcher's store easily and we have a large parking space available. We're in Piazze, a fraction of Cetona, in Via dell'artigianato 12. If you need directions how to get here, you can find them on Youtube.

Welcome and come to visit us
The butcher Macelleria Garofani

Meat processed with care and sophistication
Italian Quality!

The meat of adult cattle is processed with care and kept the chilling rooms for several weeks to hang, so that it becomes tender and tasty. Subsequently dissected in various sizes, it is sold to customers by offering a qualified and personalized service (possibility of vacuum packaging or modified atmosphere) at request of our customers.
Beef Tagliata (sliced teak), Sirloin, Fiorentina, Fillet, Osso Buco, Pezza, etc.

Poultry and other:
Raw and roasted chicken, chicken rolls, chicken breast, turkey breast, guineafowls, rabbits, meat skewers etc.
Sausages, pork loin roast, spare ribs, streaky bacon, pork fillet etc.

Cold cuts:
Matured Capocollo (pork neck), Tuscan salami, Finocchiona (salami with fennel), matured bacon, matured Gota, matured Lonziono (sirloin), ham, Sbriciolona (a special salami with fennel which matures only for a short period), chicken galantine

Food, Deli and typical products
Everything for the next party, barbecue, dinner or lunch

For about a year, the butcher's store has expanded its offerings by opening a kitchen that prepares daily meals for takeaway and also to order. Dishes of Tuscan and Italian cuisine, with a variety of sauces, pasta dishes, side dishes and desserts, all strictly from fresh raw materials. The shop provides a wide selection of cold cuts, all from our own production like the capocollo (pork neck), loin, matured bacon, brawn, sausage and
chicken galantine, ham, mortadella, bresaola (air dried and seasoned beef meat) and matured carpaccio. To give more contrast to the sweetness of the fat, Massimo also uses orange peel in his production, leaving a delicate taste on the palate.
We also prepare our Porchetta (roasted pork), which is very popular among our customers, in a traditional way during the week. Our butcher's store has also taken care of a little corner for typical products for some time
now. Here you can find homemade pasta, local wines, cheeses, honey and other local products carefully chosen over the years.
This way, we can offer you everything for your next party, a nice barbecue, a good lunch or an excellent dinner.
Of course we pack also custom baskets for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas or other occasions. Do not hesitate to talk to us about your wishes and ideas.

Business hours:

08.00 - 13.00 & 16.30 - 19.00

08.00 - 13.00

Sunday: Closed

Our butcher's shop:

Macelleria Garofani
Via dell'Artigianato 12
53040 Piazze - Cetona

Phone/Fax: 0578 244024
Mobile: 338 5426348

You can find us also here:

Vetrina Toscana